We ennoble spirits.
It’s as simple as this.

From whisky to rum or fruit brandy, we make it our sole aim to get the full potential out of matured spirits. Instead of having to wait for 8 years or longer to finally be able to taste the delicious products, we empower you to taste the future within weeks. Because for us time doesn’t matter, but taste does. Using our Fast Forward Finishing provides you with flavour combinations that could hardly be achieved by liquid- and time-consuming traditional maturation. We may not be the first ones who have attempted to reinvent maturation, but our quality and awards for our proof of concept “Seven Seals Whisky” speak for themselves. Fast Forward Finishing’s vision is to get the full potential out of spirits with a revolutionary ennoblement method.


The Story

The mastermind behind Fast Forward Finishing, Dolf, had two options at the remarkable age of 72. He could either accept the status quo and purchase a whisky distillery with a likelihood of not being able to sample his first own matured products, or he could innovate. And innovation is part of his DNA.

Dolf’s passion for whisky and persistence to solve the seemingly impossible challenge to improve a process steeped in hundreds of years of tradition led to the birth of a new invention. For him the solution was in the time-consuming maturation process which mainly serves to extract unwanted aromas whilst also adding flavours into the liquid such as whisky lactones, vanillin or guajacol.

Despite the initial scepticism, the openness of Langatun Distillery’s CEO Chris Lauper led to first joint trials and ultimately the ennoblement of whiskies and other spirits such as rum and gin.

So, after all, at the impressive age of over 75 the Austrian mastermind has successfully preserved tradition whilst re-innovating in a field where others would have not even attempted entering. However, Dolf is not resting on his laurels but is still constantly experimenting and further developing his unique method to ennoble spirits.











We are synonymous for quality and strive to exceed your expectations and standards. To ensure that the know-how and production remain in the same place, we have decided to keep our production and headquarter in Switzerland since the very beginning.

The team as much as the products are based on reliability. This starts with the carefully tailored recipes for each licensee, to having the most committed team constantly working on shaping the future of the spirits industry.

Besides quality and reliability, sustainability is also at the heart of everything we do. Not a single additional tree has to be felled to produce and treat our special ennoblers. In that way we can contribute to preserving the planet for the coming generations in the present.



The Inventor

Dolf’s passion lies within innovation. During his career in the chemical industry, he has successfully introduced a revolutionary invention globally and sat on several boards of directors for his business expertise.

If he is not busy working out recipes you may find him reading a good book or in the opera enjoying Wagner, Puccini or Verdi.


the Supervisor

With his decade long expertise in management of international companies, he brings the skills and global perspective to the table. Michael is driving our structured build up of the process together with the team.

Outside of the office you will find him in the mountains on a hike or in winter skiing in his house mountain Engelberg.


the Backbone

Martha and Alois are the ones who are tirelessly producing our raw material to fast mature spirits of most kinds. Due to their quality-driven work and efforts and suggestions, we are able to produce our ennoblers within hours.

During their free time you can find them caring for either their restored Ducati bikes or their cat and chickens.





We are always interested in partnerships to make the most out of our and your expertise. Read more about our current partners and why our consultants have decided to support us in revolutionising the maturation in the spirits industry.

Our Supporters

The whiskies from Seven Seals have already convinced our judges multiple times in blind tastings and were easily able to keep up with Scottish whiskies of various ages.

Arthur Nägele

„It is great to see World class whiskies getting created at 7Seals in such an experimental way. Their approach and maturation technique produces a series of award winning whiskies. The level of innovation and the wealth of aromas and flavours is something unique and worthy to follow. We have tasted many unique and outstanding quality examples from 7Seals already and it is great to see them coming.“

Tobias ‚Toby‘ Gorn