Cost Saving

Rather than binding your capital, why not use our quality process that allows you to produce spirits rather than paying now and getting the return after years. Leaving Barrels for years in a warehouse is costly and unpredictable.

Independence from Quality Barrel Shortages

Imagine you could use your barrels longer than just three or four times with the traditional maturation method and provides a continuous quality nonetheless. Re-use your barrels more often with no effect on the quality of your spirits.

Unlimited Variations in Finishes

Since we are thinking outside the barrel, we no longer rely on the previous content from inside the barrel. From Sauternes to Amarone, with our method any finish is possible.

Less storage time and space

Time used to be the crucial factor in producing quality, wood-aged spirits. Our process has further developed the traditional barrel ageing process and reduced the time to a matter of weeks. More Spirits, Higher Revenue.

Continous Quality

With our method you are no longer reliant on good barrels, but rather independent with our high-quality ennoblers. Each gramm that you use for your spirits offers you continuous quality for your products.


The supply and continuous quality of wood ennoblers can ennoble from a craft to a bulk distillery. We have the right solution for every distillery looking to grow.

The equipment required

Through years of experience with our proof of concept, we can provide the right equipment to small as well as bulk producers. Our highly automated and reliable equipment needs as little as 6 square meters to get started.

The Licensing Process

Become part of the spirits revolution and hold the future in your hands today!

All it takes is:

1. 2 litres of your samples of gin, brandy, whisky, rum or other

2. Our team of experts to provide a tailor-made recipe for your sample

3. Once you are satisfied become our licensee starting from €2500

4. Our support in setting you up with the knowledge and equipment

5. Your chance to exceed all expectations!

The Story

The mastermind behind Fast Forward Finishing, Dolf, had two options at the remarkable age of 72. He could either accept the status quo and purchase a whisky distillery with a likelihood of not being able to sample his first own matured products, or he could innovate. And innovation is part of his DNA.

Dolf’s passion for whisky and persistence to solve the seemingly impossible challenge to improve a process steeped in hundreds of years of tradition led to the birth of a new invention. For him the solution was in the time-consuming maturation process which mainly serves to extract unwanted aromas whilst also adding flavours into the liquid such as whisky lactones, vanillin or guajacol.

Despite the initial scepticism, the openness of Langatun Distillery’s CEO Chris Lauper led to first joint trials and ultimately the ennoblement of whiskies and other spirits such as rum and gin.

So, after all, at the impressive age of over 75 the Austrian mastermind has successfully preserved tradition whilst re-innovating in a field where others would have not even attempted entering. However, Dolf is not resting on his laurels but is still constantly experimenting and further developing his unique method to ennoble spirits.