The Story

The famous “Seven Seals of God” couldn’t have been more perfect to provide the name for such a revolutionarily produced whisky. Just like the seven seals protecting the book of athmos, the secret behind our new method of finishing spirits is also well-guarded and patented. Our continuous recipe for success has one underlying formula:





Seven Seals Whisky now comprises 15 products. Our “Classics” showcase in a delicious way that our method can produce whiskies with different finishes and even a peated one for all the peat lovers at an ABV of 46%. For the ones who appreciate a strong, powerful cask strength whisky, we also offer our “Classics” at 58.7%. Rounding up the collection, are our new Zodiac line whiskies which invite our whisky drinkers to explore the aromas possible with our finishing method.

Every product is at least three years old and aged in a barrel to legally be able to call itself whisky and is ennobled in Switzerland in our own production facilites.


The acceptance

The main purpose of Seven Seals Whisky was to prove the acceptance on the market, the continuous high quality and the price that we can ask for our products. Our whiskies repeatedly beat highly respected, and significantly older whiskies with their delicious taste in blind tastings and on judging panels of international awards.