The Innovation

Imagine that you could play with flavours in your spirits that would otherwise need many years to be revealed through “traditional” maturation. Fast Forward Finishing makes it possible to fold time instead of quality. With our process we ennoble spirits through an all-natural process which makes whisky production (as well as the production of other “brown” spirits such as rum, cognac, etc.) more elegant, predictable, cost- effective, hygienic, environmentally friendly and leads to better products overall. The recipes for each one of our licensees is carefully crafted by our mastermind Dolf to ensure that we truly get the full potential out of the delicious spirits we ennoble.



A skill handed down over generations from father to son and expert to apprentice, the craft of whisky production has been continually tried and tested, eventually evolving into the much-loved spirits such as single malt as we know it today. In the Fast Forward Finishing process, time is seen as one of the least important factors, while flavor is the element that reigns supreme.

New production processes have indicated that time spent in the barrel is not the only factor that defines whisky’s flavor and superiority. Heat, high pressure and various mechanical influences have been seen to successfully accelerate the flavor-absorption process in the barrel. Speeding up the maturing process has two major advantages: on the one hand, the many barrels that spend decades in storage can be put back into circulation faster and, on the other, the cost of storage is significantly reduced.

After two years of intensive development, Fast Forward Finishing has achieved their goal, presenting with great pride the patented formula which has also received international recognition for the proof of concept “Seven Seals Whisky”. Our unique formula Finishing: Ennoblement × Celerity + Quality = 7S is based on the identical components as used in traditional maturation – time, wood, diffusion, and physical processes.

The Potential

Taking cognizance of the fact that whisky’s aging barrels have a massive impact on the end-product, and acknowledging that with the current demand for barrels, their quality has decreased, which in turn negatively affects the whisky, Fast Forward Finishing have reinvented the process to minimize the need for barrels.

Our award-winning proof of concept, Seven Seals Whisky, shows that our finishing process is successful in one of the very traditional disciplines of spirits maturation. Nevertheless, we have also received remarkable results with rum, brandy, gin and fruit brandy.

The advantage of our process is at hand:

  • Less storage time
  • Continuous quality standards
  • New flavour profiles
  • Barrels can be utilised longer
  • Low investment to produce with our method

Our mastermind, Dolf, tirelessly works on improving our patented formula in collaboration with Swiss distillery Langatun.

Convince yourself today and send in your samples to taste the difference.


The Customers

Our licensees make their products speak for themselves. For them the taste is the most important factor and not the duration of maturation.

Find out why they have decided to use our patented Fast Forward Maturation process to produce ennobled spirits.